Tarion 30 Day and Year End Inspections

Tarion insp picYour new home comes with different warranties provided by your builder and backed by TARION. It is of utmost important that you use your warranty rights to report defects.

Based on TARION guidelines, some items may or may not be warrantable at different warranty inspections. General Tarion Guidelines are as follows.

  • 1 Year Warranty- Workmanship, Material issues and Unauthorized substitution
    • Includes: Installation defects, items reported in PDI not fixed by the builder, Defective material and workmanship issues. These items should be reported in your 30 Day and Year End inspection forms. Some installation defects may not impact the home until the warranty is over, so 30 Day and Year End are the most crucial inspections that should be reported and highly recommended to be carried out by a professional.
    • In addition to conducting these inspections, I will do the thermal imaging (at no charge) during these inspections to be able to determine inconsistent/missing insulation, air leakage or water penetration issues.
  • 2 Years Warranty- Plumbing, Heating & Electrical distribution system, Water Penetration and defects in exterior cladding
  • 7 Years – Major Structural Defect

As your representative, I will conduct 30 Day inspection and / or Year End inspection and submit the report to TARION. Report can be sent in several ways including on-line. It is important to note that these reports must be submitted within specific timelines.

Here is the information about statutory warranty and related Tarion forms.

Steps to report Tarion inspection :

  1. Register for “My Home”. You will need your possession date and unit enrollment number.
  2. Conduct a thorough inspection of the systems and components indicated above. A professional will help inspect roofing, plumbing, electrical, exterior, interior and structural components based on the best construction workmanship practices and determine the system or components warrantability. New homes are not always free from defects and that is why getting proffessional help is highly recommended.
  3. Complete the form online or downloaded paper form can be used as well. Use the easy to understand description and provide as much details including exact locations.
  4. Attach supporting documents (like pictures)
  5. Submit the form within the specified deadline.
  6. Your builder has 120 days to repair the items reported in the form.